I belong to a generation born after the second world-war. While growing up I had only heard of the war in stories but I could not comprehend this dark and terrible history. I chose to seek commemorative plaques and personal stories as a way to confront our collective past. Looking for traces in stones, I found personal stories of people who lost their lives during the war. Through this series, I have tried to retell these memoirs emotionally. In my series without I visited different places in Germany where 10x10 centimeter large stones called ‚Stolperstein‘ have been installed on pavements. A stolperstein literally translated as „stumbling block“ is a type of hand engraved monument created by artist Gunter Demnig

to commemorate victims of Nazi oppression, including the Holocaust. The stones remember the victims of expulsion and extermination - Jews, Gypsies, the politically persecuted, homosexuals and Jehovah‘s Witnesses amongst others.  One can find a countless number of these in Germany as well as all over Europe. The stones detail information about the deceased: the name, year of birth and the fate, as well as the dates

of deportation and death, if known. Through my images, I capture a feeling of the place and remember these stories that should never be repeated.


Previous Project

Würzburg, Germany — Am Pleidenturm 6

     Anneliese Winterstein worked as a laundress in a company called „Edelweiss“. Her employers reported Anneliese, because she left work without permission. In the interrogation with the Gestapo she told them that she left her work because her sister needed help at home after the birth of her baby. From the 23nd of March 1943 to 4nd of May 1943 she was sent to prison for „wrongful absences from work“. On 2nd November 1944 she was again taken into „preventive custody“ with the aim of deporting her to the con-centration camp in Auschwitz. In early April 1944, she was finally deported to Auschwitz, where she arrived on 4nd of May 1944. There the SS assigned her as a prostitute for the camp. Out of shame and despair she ended her live on 6nd of December 1944. She ran into the electric fence of the camp.