The mindful
meditation of commuting

In 2017 I experienced for the first time what it actually means to commute to and from work. My daily commute was approximately 4 hours long by train, bus and subway. The train became my preferred means of transport
and quickly decided that my favourite sit was going to be by the window. My eyes became fascinated by the fast moving landscape that my window pane offered me, framing the beauty
of the morning and evening nature with its seasons and conditions. My photo series depict one year of passing images, capturing glimpses of the raw landscape, and inducing a unique nostalgia tinged with melancholy.



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05.03. — 26.06.2018

Galerie im Foyer der Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen

Bürgerstraße 1, 28195 Bremen


opening, admission Free

Monday — Thursday 8.00-18:30

Friday 8.00—13.00


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