streets of athens

         Athens: A metropolis that look back on 5.000 years of history as a cultural and commercial centre of Greece. Since 2006 the crisis is increasingly affecting the population but the life on the streets is constantly in motion. People follow their daily living, while they become protagonists on an imaginary stage. Part Lyrics Publication to “Crisis – What Crisis”, 164 Pages, 09/2015

         February 2015: The “Greek Financial Crisis” is in its fourth year, when Alexis Tsipras, leader of the Syriza movement becomes prime minister elected. While he and his Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis promised their people to stand up against austerity and patronization by “The Institutions”, a group of 14 photography and design students from the University of Arts Bremen decide to travel to Athens in late April 2015 to see for themselves. Thy rent two apartments in Kato Patissia, a few kilometers north of Syntagma Square. Knowing that they might need to rethink the concepts and research they have made at home, they photograph, they investigate, they reflect and communicate. Therefore renting the E-DW Workspace in the run down but trendy neigh-borhood of Karamikos proves a wise decision. Meeting every other day, not only by themselves, but with designers, architects, photo-graphers, artists and filmmakers encourages a debate which is reflected in the pages of this publication. Peter Bialobrzeski, Andrea Rauschenbusch, July 2015

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